About us

Verre Naasten is the global mission organization of the Reformed Churches -liberated- in the Netherlands (RCN). Verre Naasten is a Dutch name meaning ‘Distant Neighbors’.
Together with and on behalf of the RCN, Verre Naasten helps churches and Christian organizations to share God’s Good News in words and deeds, in their own contexts. So that people around the world will discover and experience how the love of Jesus Christ transforms lives and communities for God’s glory.

Our Vision
God makes himself known in the Bible as the God who loves the world. He sent his Son Jesus to serve and save the world. Inspired by Jesus’ example and driven by his command, we desire to share our faith in word and deed. So that all the people in the world will discover that the gospel of Jesus sets free, that God reigns and that they may live for his glory.

Our Mission
Verre Naasten supports the RCN in its mission work, aiming to share faith worldwide. We facilitate and stimulate relations between churches in the Netherlands and abroad. Our goal is to experience fellowship in Christ and to support one another to proclaim the Gospel.

Church and Mission
The mission of the church as described in the Bible is central to the work of Verre Naasten:  The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus to all the peoples on earth, resulting in the worship of the one true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As consequence of the worship of the one true God, the church pursues peace and justice on earth through:

  • Prayer for the world.
  • Repentance of sins and reconciliation with God and with our neighbours – also between communities.
  • Developing and safeguarding God’s creation.
  • Sharing the productions of the earth for the wellbeing of all.
  • Protecting marginalized and oppressed people.

The church pursues all these things in hope. Hope of the joyful expectation of the resurrection of the bodies and the full restoration of God’s creation, where suffering and death will be no more. Where peace and justice will remain.

Facts and Figures

  • Verre Naasten currently works together with 80 partners in 46 countries
  • RCN has about 270 congregations in the Netherlands that vary in size from 100 – 1.500 members
  • About 1.000 volunteers are involved in RCN’s mission work
  • 24 staffs work at Verre Naasten (17 fte, partly volunteers)
  • Verre Naasten consists of three departments: Partners and Programmes, Communication and Fundraising, and General Management.

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