Coffee Break and Educational Care

Some time ago the head of DVN partners & programs visited the office of Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLTI) in Grand Rapids, USA. DVN partners with TLTI to facilitate and sponsor TLT training in different countries. TLTI joined with two more organizations in its cooperation for the training of the church in the way of the Lord. The two organizations are: Coffee Break (CB) and Educational Care (EC).

Coffee Break has a strong history in Canada and USA of almost 50 years of experience. It proved to be valuable for local groups. The Coffee Break concept is meant for small groups, to discover the Bible together in their own pace. It equips leaders and provides materials. A great variety of user and leader guides are available. Coffee Break moved into other countries and it’s now active in 17 countries. It started mainly for and by women, but now men became part of it. There are also materials for children. For more information visit:

Educational Care is a learning program which encourages and assists teachers and schools to develop skills and strategies of educations within a frame of Christian identity. It consists of 6 modules of 6 till 10 lessons per module. A module could be covered in 4 days training. Educational Care serves all Christian teachers, even those who may not be working in a Christian school. For more information see: