Discipleship and Mission in India

“This training has helped us to understand that we do not spend enough time with the people we meet to help them to really understand Jesus”.

In 2016 DVN launched a “Learning Community” on discipleship and Mission in Delhi, India. The methodology used is focused on the practice of Jesus and the way his disciples responded to him. Learning Community was developed by 3dmovements https://3dmovements.com/ and furthered in the partnership with Catalysechange https://www.catalysechange.org/. With an international composition of the members, we serve around 10 teams from all over India. A team is made of around 6 people. Two years after we launched the Learning Community, we are happy to announce the birth of an Indian networking organization called Harvest India 72. It is led by Samit Mishra from Madhya Pradesh, and it is furthering the principles and methodology of Learning Community. The process of the creation of Harvest India 72 helped the participating teams to revise and redefine practice, as we reflected together on how to create a discipling culture. It also helped to reflect on how to multiply missional leaders, how to launch missional communities (led by lay leaders), and how to lead a movement for Kingdom Change. In the coming newsletters we will provide testimonies of the effects of the teachings in the lives of the individual participants, their churches, and communities. If you are interested to learn more, please contact us and we will inform you on several opportunities to join one of the regional Learning Communities in India or elsewhere.