DVN is celebrating its 40 years of existence

Verre Naasten (DVN) is celebrating its 40th year of existence in December this year. We are grateful to have experienced that God wants to work with people and He is changing lives. People around the world come to faith in God, and this faith is shared through local churches and organizations. Together and on behalf of the Reformed Churches liberated of the Netherlands, Verre Naasten was able to support this work of mission in the world. In honour of the 40th year of its existence, DVN organizes a celebration in the afternoon of the 15th December 2018 in Zwolle (Netherlands) for all (former) staffmembers and volunteers involved, to praise the Lord and meet each other.

We ask all our partners to join us in prayers of thanks giving to God and ask Him to give us joy and strength to continue with the work He has mandated us to do.