“God has not forgotten us!”

In the past months, several churches and organizations in our partner network initiated emergency relief for people in immediate need after floods, cyclones and famines. Read more about the work in South Sudan and in Sri Lanka.

South Sudan:
“We see God’s help in the food that we received from you. God has not forgotten us!”, mrs. Maria Nyabol, a widow told pastor Patrick Jok. Civil war and famine severely affect the lives of people in South Sudan. In the month of May, the South Sudanese Church where pastor Jok serves, distributed one-month food packages to 272 households (approximately 2.500 persons) in five refugee camps. The church focused on the most vulnerable groups: young children, single mothers, widows, elderly, and disabled persons.
Mrs. Nyabiel Deng, a widow with six children said: “My children have not had milk for six months. Today they can drink milk, thanks to you!”

Sri Lanka:
Recent floods and landslides in parts of Sri Lanka killed over 200 people and left a further 80+ persons missing. More than 700.000 people were affected, while many houses were partially damaged and others completely destroyed. Christian organization LEADS reached out to 11.600 families in five districts. Support included the distribution of food, access to water, and non-food items (including temporary shelter, hygiene packs and back-to-school packs). LEADS also provides psychosocial therapy for children affected by the floods.