The Evangelical Church of Morocco (EEAM)

EEAM MarokkoThe evangelical church of Morocco, or Eglise Evangelique Au Maroc (EEAM), was founded in Morocco during the French colonialism in the twentieth century as a Christian church of Reformed Protestant traditions. From the time of decolonization of Morocco in 1956, this protestant church (EEAM) experienced a serious decline in number. However, since the nineties, the church experienced an increase because of the affluent African migrants, among whom a big number of students, businessmen and diplomats. Most of them coming from sub-Saharan Africa. The protestant church of Morocco, which was in the past European has become African by reason of its 95 % members who are Africans.

Strictly limited

Established in about 11 cities in Morocco, EEAM is the only officially recognized protestant church in Morocco. EEAM is at present multi-confessional and intercultural in character. Though free to profess the Christian religion in public, EEAM exists in a strict and limited legal context. The Moroccan’s authorities agreed officially with the leaders of the Christian churches that the freedom to profess the Christian faith in Morocco is strictly limited to non-Moroccans only (according to the Moroccan’s laws). Any attempt to proselyte/evangelize a Moroccan lead to legal sanctions.


Verre Naasten maintains relations with EEAM since 2016. The orientation phase of the relationship is reaching its completion. Verre Naasten and EEAM are preparing to enter the phase of a long-term partnership. We ask our partners and friends to pray for us, that God may give us the possibilities, wisdom and strength to work together in a context of many religious legal restrictions. We especially ask them to pray along with us, that God may assist those (either religious or political leaders) who are engaged into continuously talk with the Moroccan authorities to grant freedom of religion to all Moroccan peoples. We do also encourage all those engaged in inter-religious dialogues to persevere. We do hope that their hard work and our prayers will result in peace making in our societies and contribute to the realization of a peaceful freedom of religion in places where restrictions are still observed.