Complaints or doubts

We find it important to work in open and safe cooperation’s. In case this is not reflected well in our way of doing, we appreciate being informed in order to be able to take steps.

If you have any doubts or complaints about RMB | Verre Naasten or the CPP or any other contactperson, you can at any time contact Verre Naasten’s director through an e-mail or phonecall:

  • e-mail:
  • phone: +31 (0)38 427 04 10

Complaints Committee

RMB | Verre Naasten is doing its utmost to avoid all kind of unacceptable behaviour and abuses (abuse around power, money and sexual behaviour), and to improve its systems and procedures in this area. For preventing, signaling, and acting Verre Naasten finds it very important that complaints can be reported. Please do so if you have a complaint, but also in case of doubts. Of course, the complainant can always talk to the manager, the director or one of the members of the Supervisory Board. If this is not possible, the complainant can contact the confidential advisor or report a complaint to the complaints committee.

If you want more information and read about the complaints procedure, please read this document.

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