International students at the TU Kampen

Each year several international students are studying at the Theological University (TU) in Kampen, The Netherlands. Six of them – originating from Africa, Asia and South America – are supported by Verre Naasten (DVN). These students are attending the Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology (MIRT). The MIRT consists of one year of full-time residential studies in Kampen. There is also an option available to do this programme in a two-year (part-time) format.

Reformed Theology

The TU Kampen  boasts a long-standing tradition of education in Reformed theology in the Netherlands, as well as on the European Continent as a whole. Throughout the years, many international students have found their way to Kampen.

Calling in God’s Kingdom

Coming from different continents and cultures, they shared an interest in, or affiliation with, the Reformed theology and tradition. The TU believes it is part of their calling in God’s Kingdom to share the Reformed heritage with theologians and church leaders from countries around the world. Among the goals of the MIRT, one is to improve the academic level of the students. Another goal is to prepare Christian leaders for their service, in such a way that it will be relevant for the community and culture in which they live. The entrance level for the MIRT programme will be a completed academic theological training, at least at a Bachelor’s level.

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