Micah Global

Micah Global (https://www.micahnetwork.org/) is a global Christian community of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission. It is a fast growing network for integral mission, which is represented in many countries (more than 600 members in 88 countries). As a global network, Micah facilitates the bringing together of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission so that fellowship, shared learning, partnership, cooperation, and discipleship can flourish. Micah Global is affordable to participate in, since there is no fixed membership fee. Many of its activities are organised in the regions and countries where the members are located.

Mission of Micah Global: To motivate and equip the global community of Christians to embrace and practice integral mission. Micah Global core areas to empower and equip its members for integral mission are the theological perspectives (why), good practise (how) and learning (process).

Micah Global Consultation

In September the 7th 2018, Micah Global consultation was held in Manila, the Philippines, and DVN sent a representation to attend. Around 450 people gathered from over 68 countries. They celebrated together, listened to speeches and testimonies, and they had table discussions about integral mission and resilience. The Philippines itself is an example of resilience because of its history, its global workforce (over 12 million Pilipino are working abroad) and its overcoming of more than 25 typhoons every year. Global consultations are organised once every three years, each time in a different continent.

The former global consultation was held in Peru, the next one (September 2021) will be organised in one of the countries in Africa. DVN encourages its partners to attend the consultation if possible. A word of encouragement from Henk Prins who represented DVN in the latest consultation: “People acknowledged quite commonly that most expertise on integral mission is now in the South, often with Southern NGO’s and consultants, and no longer with Western organisations. Many churches in the South take an active role in the development of the communities. The concepts that are developed for this work are within reach of most of our partners.” You can also bring your contribution to the global church and your community by joining the network for integral mission.

Regional and Country Consultation

In between the global conferences, many regional and country-consultations are organised in countries where the Micah members are located. Based on our (short) experience, we think the global consultation gives a good insight in the current trends of integral mission and the issues at hand in different parts of the world. A number of our partners are members of Micah Global, and they are very positive about Micah network in their country and region. Regional and national conferences are the best places to reflect on issues related to their context, to encourage one another, to come up with ideas and to join hands.

If you would like to know more, to consider membership and/or possibly to visit a conference in your country or region, we advise to subscribe yourself to receive the Micah newsletter (https://www.micahnetwork.org/newsletters). Please visit the website, where you can find theological perspectives (why), good practise (how) and learning (process) on a wide range of relevant topics!