Outcomes partner satisfaction survey

Several weeks ago we sent a ‘partner satisfaction survey’ to our partners. Thank you very much for the response so far (45% of the recipients). It was the first time we used this tool, to get an overall idea on how the partnership is appreciated and which aspects need further attention. Furthermore we received some valuable suggestions on how to improve the survey. We certainly plan to continue with an online, anonymous survey in the future. The idea is to do this every two years, as it helps us to gather feedback and to stay sharp in our partnerships. We hope to use a multi-language form by that time.


Thank you for your comments and we thank the Lord for the outcome of the survey. Click below for a summary. Overall there is a lot of appreciation on different aspects of our cooperation. The relationship and communications were the most important issues in this survey (12 questions).  There were 2 questions on financial support and 4 questions on the process of monitoring and reporting. And finally 1 open field for additional remarks. Only two issues scored below 75%:

  1. DVN involves us in shaping DVN’s strategy (54%) and
  2. DVN listens and responds properly to our questions and concerns (73%).

Good relationships

There is room for improvement, but we’re happy to see the trust and appreciation for our manner of working, being reflected in the answers. For example:  all respondents feel (always/mostly) comfortable to approach DVN to discuss problems. And they feel tob e approached as equal partners by our staff. These are important aspects for us. We assign value to good relationships and see open communication lines as an important factor to reach these good relationships.

We as Verre Naasten would like to thank you for this, and celebrate the warm relationships we have – and the good cooperation as partners, working in Gods Kingdom – as most important outcome of this survey. Glory to God!

(Janneke de Vries, manager Partners and Programs)