34.500 euro raised with outdoor event

Despite some rain in the early morning, the sporting outdoor challenge Missie V.O.N.K. (from Friday 14 to Saturday 15 June) was very successful! For the fourth time in a row Verre Naasten organized this challenging sponsoring event. During Missie V.O.N.K. around 14 teams from different churches skip a night of sleep, to do a series of outdoor activities instead, and get sponsored for the good cause. Together the participating teams raised the wonderful sum of 34.502 euros for the work of missionary workers worldwide!

Challenging outdoor assignments

With a lot of smoke, the 14 team leaders started the 2019 edition of Missie V.O.N.K. This edition was built around the figure of one of the first evangelists in the Bible: Paul. In three different arenas, the teams were confronted with statements by Paul and various challenging outdoor assignments, such as rafting, archery and stepping. The teams also got into extensive discussions with three African evangelists present from Malawi, Kenya and Ghana.

34.500 euros

Saturday morning at 8 AM, Missie V.O.N.K. 2019 was ended. Team ‘Heemse 1.0’ managed to collect the most points, good to be the winner of this year’s edition. Then the total amount of sponsoring money was announced: more than 34.500 euros for the work of evangelists worldwide. Missie V.O.N.K. is an appealing way to interact with members from different churches in the Netherlands, focussed on our mission: sharing faith worldwide. At the same time Missie V.O.N.K. is one of the ways Verre Naasten is using to raise funds for mission projects worldwide.