Pray and support for Venezuela’s economic and social crisis

The current economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has been going on for decades. Without enough money to import food and basic medicines, most Venezuelans are going through severe hunger, and they are dying from preventable diseases.

In the past years we (DVN) have been able to help a bit via the partnership we have with the churches in Venezuela. The Venezuelans sent us recipes, we bought medicines in the Netherlands and sent them to Venezuela with the people of our churches, taking the risk to travel there. We also helped with money in USD (American Dollars), to avoid the hyperinflation of the Bolivars. The Venezuelan churches used these funds to repair cars (to be able to help transporting others), buy and distribute food to those who lack, and to make meals for school children. These actions allowed several  Venezuelans to stay in their country instead of following those who had to leave because of hunger. We were able to support congregations in Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Quibor, Maracaibo and Acarigua.

We hope that a group of Venezuelans continue to remain relevant to each other, to those suffering, and continue to build the Kingdom of God now and in the uncertain future. In the midst of their crisis, we are very much impressed by the faith the Venezuelans show in God and how they continue to love and inspire one another against the negative spiral of despair and hopelessness. What we see among them, is what Corrie ten Boom, a war victim in 2nd World War, expressed saying: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”.

Please pray for Venezuela. Pray for leadership. Pray for people on the right spot to make the right decisions for a better future. Pray for more opportunities and open doors for DVN and other organizations to help the Venezuelans. Pray for those who stay in Venezuela, that they may be able to survive and serve. Pray for those who have left, that they may keep in touch with those who stay back and help them through this most complicated period.