Prayer and Thanksgiving

  • Praise God for the International Course in Cameroon, for the fruitful time of learning and for the Christian fellowship that was experienced. Please pray for the participants, for their ministries, and for their personal action plans.
  • Thank along for Missie V.O.N.K. 2017. Pray that the church teams will inspired for and engaged in mission, both nearby and worldwide, and that the raised funds will be used for God’s glory.
  • Thank the Lord for mission initiatives in the Netherlands, including House of Peace and international student outreach. Pray for the staffs and volunteers involved, that God will grant them vision, courage, protection and above all: love. Pray that more people in the Netherlands may meet Jesus and start to follow Him.
  • Pray for people affected by famine in South Sudan, and for flood-affected families in Sri Lanka. Also pray along for other countries which suffer from droughts, floods, landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, and other crises. Pray for comfort and support for those who are in material and/or emotional need, and thank God for showing His care through the help of individuals, churches and organizations. Also pray for future protection and for effective initiatives to increase disaster awareness and preparedness in high-risk communities.
  • Let us continue to pray for peace. Pray for people in war zones and in politically unstable regions, and for displaced people and refugees. Also pray along for governments and leaders, that they may act wisely and be agents of peace in their societies.