Review and updates of procedures

This year DVN started a review of the procedures and updates of some of its documents. Here we inform you of the changes made so far:

Complaints or doubts?

DVN finds it important to work in open and safe cooperation. In case this open and safe cooperation is not reflected well enough in DVN way of doing, the partner should communicate so that measures may be taken to deal with the issue. Earlier you could find the following text in the project agreement, Article V (Property rights and other rights) point 7:

“In case of doubts or complaints about the DVN contact person, the partner can at any time contact DVN’s director by e-mail: or Tel: +31 (0)38 4270 410.”

Now DVN puts this information on the website and points to it in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ (see also point 2), included the possibility to contact an external independent Officer. DVN is doing its utmost to avoid all kind of unacceptable behaviour and abuses (abuse in the area of power, money, sexual behaviour and others), and to improve its systems and procedures in this regard. Thus, for preventing, signalling and acting in case of unacceptable behaviour and abuse of power you can contact the Independent Officer. For more information and the procedure in case of (suspected) unacceptable behaviour by paid staff and/or volunteers: please see the document on our website.

Required use of standardized formats for requests

DVN has a large variety of partners and has to handle a lot of requests per year. In order to be able to gather relevant information and to process all the requests, DVN decided to standardize the way of working and the use of formats.

In case of a request for support, DVN’s ‘project proposal template’ needs to be filled in. This should also be the case for renewal/continuation of support after an agreed project period has expired. The final version which is officially submitted to DVN needs to be signed by the partner. By submitting such a request, the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of DVN is accepted. These Terms and Conditions for PME (planning, monitoring and evaluation) specify DVN’s general requirements for the management of projects/programmes. Earlier some of these information were stipulated in the specific Project Agreements, others were not explicitly shared with our partners, but were used internally within DVN office. We are happy to have them now available for our partners in a more structured way. We kindly request you to use the formats when applicable. You can find the documents on our website.