Studiefonds Kerkleiders

Arjun Hanse (India)

Surname: Hanse

Given name: Arjun

Date of birth: 08 May 1991

Are you married?
Do you have children?
Yes, I am married and I have one son.

Name of your church:
Reformed Presbyterian Church North East India

Name of your seminary/college:
Presbyterian Theological Seminary

On what level do you follow theological education?
(B. Th) program.

Who is God for you, in your daily life?
I was just living as a nominal Christian and don’t used to have any personal intimacy with God before. After attending the spiritual conference, listening and hearing the gospel message, praying earnestly and surrendering everything to God. The Holy Spirit touched me moves in my heart that I was filled with conviction that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior who died on my behalf on the cross for my sins and resurrected and gives me an eternal life and nobody could snatch away this salvation and the gift of life given to me by Jesus Christ. God is the sustainer, comforter, joy giver, provider, promise keeper for my life and most importantly, because of His grace now I am saved through His Son Jesus Christ. He is everything for me.

What is your dream after finishing your study?
Due to illiteracy and ignorance my dream is if all the congregation could at least read the Bible so that it would help them in understanding and knowing God’s Word, not only that it will also enable them to access the outside world information. After finishing my study, as teaching is my passion and ministering to the sheep is my convictions and serving the Lord with faithfully is my call from god. So, my dream is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them from the very grass root level and also to help them understand and knowing at least the basic of reading and writing in truth and spirit.