Studiefonds Kerkleiders

Daniel Odhiambo (Kampen)

Given name: Daniel Odhiambo

Date of birth: August 26, 1989

Are you married? Do you have children?
Married to Javellah Odhiambo. No children yet.

Name of your church:
Anglican Church of Kenya

Name of your seminary/college:
Theologische Universiteit Kampen

On what level do you follow theological education?
Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology

Who is God for you, in your daily life?
My relationship with the Lord really depends on the Lordś sustenance. Though I grew up in a very strict and legalistic setting, I still had difficult times of moral failure especially in my teenage years. But even when I was giving up, the Lord held my hand.
One particular thing I am really grateful for in my pentecostal upbringing, is that it gave me a real consciousness of the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit. This is a key mark of my daily christian experience. He leads me, he speaks to me through scripture, he helps me to pray and to live a godly life, and he always reminds me that I am child of God even when I wander.

What is your dream after finishing your study?
My dream and prayer for my church is probably a reformation. A reformation towards depth in theological knowledge among both clergy and laity; and a return to the reformed foundations on which Anglicanism was established in the 16th century and stipulated in the 39 Articles. My dream after finishing studies is to go back and help in providing theological education in the theological institutions there and also informally through short non-academic trainings.


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