Studiefonds Kerkleiders

Gin Malsawm (India)

Surname: Malsawm

Given name: Gin

Date of birth: 18-2-1996

Are you married? Do you have children?

Name of your church:
Reformed Presbyterian Church (North East India- NEI)

Name of your seminary/college:
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Dehradun

On what level do you follow theological education?
M.Div Ist year. These are the subject which we have during this year. 1. Church & Ministry 2. God & Revelation 3. Ministry foundation 4. New Testament 5. Old Testament 6. Religion 7. Study method. My grade was 2.23.

Who is God for you, in your daily life?
Relationship with the Lord was good and strong. It was so good that even when I was angry and sad, I used to murmuring with the Lord to what conditions I faced. The relationship which I have with the Lord is Prayer because, prayer is the only solution which I can relate and communicate with Him. God is my guide, my fulfillment, my protector, my supplier, etc, my everything in my daily life.

What is your dream after finishing your study?
There would be many objectives which I dream for the betterment for my church. First all, I would call a seminar to teach about the doctrine. Because, most of them don’t know about the doctrine in which they live in and, how to grow in God’s word. After finishing, my dream is to go to a place where there is no Christian and to let them know how the love of God is great in human life. As Jesus says in Matthew “go to the entire nation and preach the word of God”. This word which God left for us, is which I really dreamt about to handle it.