Studiefonds Kerkleiders

Liansuanthang Haulai

Surname: Haulai

Given name: Liansuanthang

Date of birth: 6-12-1995

Are you married? Do you have children?

Name of your church:
Engedi Presbyterian Church In India Reformed

Name of your seminary/college:
Presbyterian Theological Seminary

On what level do you follow theological education?
For now, I did not have any specialization because I just finished 1st year in Mdiv course. I am at the beginner level.

Who is God for you, in your daily life?
God is my everything. I am in this condition and status only because of God. God is my provider and the one who lift me up literally from the dust. Even though God is our refuge, provider, comforter, strength and our stronghold all the time, there are times when he is specifically either one of them. Right now God is my comforter and my strength in this tough times and uncertainties.

What is your dream after finishing your study?
My dream for my Church is holistic. Firstly I dream that at least all the elders, deacons and the leaders have a constant and deep connection with the Lord rather than the world. In this way their sheep can drink and eat good and nutritious food for them and then the Church will grow. After finishing my study, It is my plan to continue my further studies. However, I am willing to go wherever the Lord sends me.