Studiefonds Kerkleiders
Studiefonds Ribka

Ribka (India)

Given name: Ribka

Date of birth: 8 of April 1993

Name of your church:
Bethany Baptist Church

Name of your seminary:
College Presbyterian Theological Seminary

On what level do you follow theological education?
I follow theological studies as to understand the Word of God correctly and how it applies to our daily living as God’s people. It is helping me to improve in ministry as I go for the ministry and meet with different people. It is helping me to get closer to God in my daily living and also helping me to know the doctrines that are very useful to teach people and tell about the Kingdom of God.

Who is God for you, in your daily life?
In my life, God is everything for me. He is my savior, creator, redeemer, my rock of salvation and refuge. He is my shield and the good guider. Whenever I cry to the Lord, He hears me and comforts me. Whenever I am need of forgiveness, He forgives me according to His unfailing love and feels me with the joy and gives me new hope in life. He reminds me every time that I am not my own and my life does not belongs to me but it belongs to the God alone. He has chosen me for His glory because there were many times when I was discouraged because of so many reasons and wanted to go back and I said to the Lord that I cannot do it anymore but the Lord reminded me every time through His Word that I cannot go back and my life belongs to God and if God has brought me for His glory so He is going to keep me and mold me for His own glory. Whenever I feel difficult to handle the Word of God still He reminds me with strong conviction that He has chosen me for His glory and now I cannot turn back. I have given my whole life to God now and want to serve Him alone from my entire life; however He will lead me and use me for His glory. I just want to serve the Lord and spend my whole life in Him.

What is your dream after finishing your study?
I want to serve the Lord after my studies but I am not sure about particular place or church right now. I am praying for the future ministry and however the Lord would lead me, I am ready to serve my Lord God. I may continue with further theological studies after finishing this course but it is my great desire to serve the Lord. In future I will want to open a children home and prepare them to serve the Lord as God would lead and guide me. I will also want to join an organization that works and serve the Lord, for the His kingdom.