The vocation of the Church in a context of poverty

Last summer DVN organized an international seminar in Yaoundé/Cameroon for the leaders of churches and Christian organizations of the French speaking countries. The majority of the participants came from Francophone Africa. The theme of the seminar was: The Kingdom of God, a call to joy and suffering. At the end of the seminar the participants and the facilitators realized the need to address the issue of poverty. This need occurred because it was made clear during the discussions and debates that poverty was one of the prominent causes of suffering in the countries of most of the participants. Responding to the request of the participants, DVN in cooperation with IUDI had organized another international French speaking seminar in Yaoundé/Cameroon this year.

From the 2nd to the 13th of July 2018, the participants to the seminar reflected on the theme: The vocation of the church in a context of poverty. In addition to the scriptural study on the theme, the seminar focused on the practical aspects of dealing with poverty. The seminar looked to answer questions such as: What can a local community do to deal with poverty? What can a local pastor do to strengthen and guide his community in the fight against poverty? What method/technics to apply to maximize the use of local resources to fight poverty? The seminar aimed at equipping the leaders with knowledge for the purpose of improving the capacity and effectiveness of the Christian communities in the fight against poverty. We pray God for success on the field of fighting poverty. We ask you to pray along with us.