Why is Verre Naasten involved in training?
Verre Naasten helps churches worldwide to grow, to proclaim God’s love and to fight poverty and injustice in their own contexts. One of the ways in which we assist churches in these areas, is by investing in the knowledge, skills and networks of their people. Through trainings we help equip church members and leaders for their tasks in their families, congregations and communities. Thankfully we see that trainings indeed bring positive changes in the areas of church growth, spreading God’s love, poverty alleviation, reconciliation and promoting justice.

What do we train?
We want to bring trainings that are based on the Bible and applicable in daily life and work.
Currently the majority of our training programmes are Timothy Leadership Trainings. Verre Naasten works together closely with Timothy Leadership Training Institute (see in developing training materials and in training (new) TLT-groups. TLT manuals include themes such as ‘Caring for God’s people’, ‘Christian stewardship’, ‘From harm to harmony in the family’ and ‘Biblical preaching’. Verre Naasten currently supports TLT groups in Congo, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uganda and Indonesia.
Another major training programme of DVN is our International Course. In 2015 – 2017, the theme of the International Courses is ‘Living in God’s Kingdom: called to joy and suffering’.

How do we train?
We usually use the train-the-trainer method. Trainees do not only learn for themselves and their own ministries, but are equipped to train others in their church or community. We try to train in an inductive and participative way: adults learn and discover most when they share their own experiences and existing knowledge with one another.

Who do we train?
Verre Naasten is mostly involved in trainings for church leaders and those who have specific responsibilities in their church or Christian organization.

Who trains?
Verre Naasten prefers to work via or alongside trainers and training organizations in the country or region of partners. If there are no certified local trainers available for a specific training, Verre Naasten can send a trainer from one of our global partners or from the Netherlands to facilitate the training.